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How to Crack the RC Section?

With GRE only few weeks away..the battle of 'start reading', 'how to increase reading speed', 'read newspapers' is no more relevant..Here are a few tips for you to crack the RC section

  1. Quickly assess all the passages - The key for cracking the RC section is to choose the right passages and not waste time on the not so important ones!
  2. Mark them in the order of preference - Familiar topics need to be given priority over familiar ones since they are easier to comprehend.
  3. Some Quick Reading - Quickly read the first and last line of each paragraph. This will give you and idea of what the passage is all about.
  4. Go through the questions - There would typically be questions around the implications, main idea, word meanings, author's point of view, conclusions etc..
  5. Speed read - Underline important words, sentences that you feel maybe relevant in answering some questions.
  6. Time to answer - Remember that all answers are ALWAYS contained in the passage. Do not try to apply your past knowledge while answering- it can actually turn out to be detrimental.